Tyga Believes Media Is Attacking Him Because of His Kardashian Affiliation

Tyga can't seem to stay out of the headlines and stopped by Atlanta's 94.5 Streetz to address the latest rumors involving his name.
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LL Cool J Receives Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

Just weeks before he hosts the Grammys for a fifth consecutive time, LL received a major honor.
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Power Season 1, Episode 4 – Who Are You?

On the previous episode of “Power”, Ghost was learning about the dangers of trying to balance the street life with family life. The situation is complicated by his mistress who happens to be a federal agent. The drug dealing Ghost has no idea that Angie Vasquez is a cop, and she has no idea that he is a drug lord.

The fourth episode of Power begins with Ghost and his partner Tommy discussing how to handle a series of robberies against their workers. Tommy, the still ruthless gangster, wants to shoot first and ask questions later. Ghost, the husband and father of three, thinks he can identify the culprit at an upcoming meeting. This disagreement isn’t the first they’ve had, and the tension between them is building. Suddenly, Tommy asks Ghost if he thinks their supplier Lobos is responsible for setting them up. Ghost admits the thought has crossed his mind, but he can’t imagine why the cartel leader wouldn’t just have them assassinated instead of toying with them.
Love Lost, Found and Lost Again
In the next scene, Ghost is handling the legal side of the business when Angie sends him a text. They meet uptown where Angie thanks him for the very expensive diamond necklace he bought for her. Rather than continue the lie, Ghost tells Angie of his three children and his wife. In turn, Angie tell him she has serious boyfriend.

The scene ends when Angie tells Ghost to go be with his family. Ghost salutes his high school sweetheart, but the now scorned the woman may have the last laugh. Angie is trying to find the identity of Lobo’s supplier and she is determined to lock him up even though she doesn’t know Ghost is the distributor for whom she’s looking.
Meanwhile, Tommy finally manages to sleep with a red haired waitress who works for club Truth. Ghost advised his business partner to stay away from their employees, but Tommy doesn’t listen. Unfortunately, the young woman seems to bring the worst out of Tommy, and she enjoys his violent streak. This fire headed beauty could push Tommy over the edge, because he already likes to push the envelope.
Less Money More Problems
Tommy and Ghost are having yet another disagreement, this time the location of the meeting is causing friction. Ghost decides on a Chinese restaurant where they’ve had meetings before. Unfortunately, Angie’s informant tells her the location of the meeting, putting Ghost and every major other dealer in New York in danger. Before the meeting starts, Ghost gets called off to handle business at the club.

Tommy is very upset that his partner once again puts the legit business before the drug business. This is fortunate for him because the DEA has the entire area under surveillance. However, this doesn’t stop one of the major attendant’s of the meeting from getting iced. Annibal gets killed by the same young woman who was associated with at least one of the hits against Ghost’s organization.
It’s Hard to Hustle a Hustler
The DEA agents are so anxious to catch Lobo’s distributor that they prematurely infiltrate the meeting’s location. Dozens of federal agents rush into the oriental restaurant, disturbing the law-abiding citizens there enjoying their meal. Fortunately for Tommy, his experience as a hustler tells him to change the location at the last minute. What he perceives as a routine move kept he and all of his associates out of prison.

The meeting goes off without a hitch except for the missing member Annibal whose laying in a pool of his own blood. Tommy informs everyone at the meeting that their organization will begin to supply the streets with cocaine again. Ghost advised against this move, but Tommy feels his hand was forced. The decision nearly causes a fist fight between the two men when Ghost gets the news. Ghost also suspects that Tommy was involved in Annibal’s murder, and the tension between them is palpable.
Forbidden Fruit
Angela Valdez is feeling particularly sad, because it was she who organized the raid on the wrong restaurant. She goes to see Ghost to return the necklace he gave her, but the attraction between them is too strong. Ghost and Angie waste little time talking, before making love in Ghost’s office. Despite all the problems the drug lord is experiencing; tension with his partner, supplier and his wife, Ghost risks everything for a moment of pleasure.

However, his wife Tasha isn’t without her cheating ways as she allows the chauffeur to see her very sexy body for the second time in four weeks. The young man (Sean) has an obvious crush on Tasha and we’ll have to wait and see if he does the right thing and tells Ghost of Tasha’s indiscretion or if he keeps the deadly secret to himself.
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Meek Mill – Dreams Worth More Than Money (Release Date & Official Trailer)

It’s that time again, hard to believe it’s already been 2 years since the release of Meek’s debut album Dreams And Nightmares. The album was a hood classic and was certified gold, Drake called the album’s intro the greatest moment of this generation of Hip Hop.
Since then Meek has continued his grind with the Dream Chasers movement, from releasing mixtapes, touring and killing features (That verse from They Don’t Love You No More though).
After getting the streets buzzing about the new album, Meek Mill finally reveals when Dreams Worth More Than Money will hit stores. The Maybach Music project has an official release date of September 9th.
The lead single from the project is “I Don’t Know” featuring Paloma Ford, check out the official trailer below and expect more promo material to surface soon.

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Puff Daddy – We Dem Boyz (Bad Boy Remix) (feat. Meek Mill & French Montana) [Video]

What would the summer be without Diddy remixing one of the summer’s hottest records. Here’s the new visual for Diddy’s remix to Wiz Khalifa’s We Dem Boyz single, the remix features Meek Mill & French Montana.
Check out the video, I was done after he played I Love You Papi at the end.
Directed by Eif Rivera.

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Total Slaughter Episode 4: Big T vs. T-Rex | Daylyt vs. Dizaster

Last night on season one of Eminem’s battle reality TV series Total Slaughter continued with episode 4. Team Lux and Team Mook are battling once again, to see who will be on the final stage at Total Slaughter this Saturday on PPV for $19.99.
Spoiler alert this one was a shoe in for two of these guys because the other 2 choked.
Big T went up against and T-Rext and Daylyt faced off with his homie Dizaster.
People have been impressed with T-Rex’s performance as if he they didn’t expect him do well, but Rex is what one of the most active legends from the original era of battle rap that’s still consistently putting it down in today’s battle culture.

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Chris Brown & Drake Beef Over?

This is actually not a surprise, just looking back at the past few months they haven’t really said anything negative about each other. Not to mention there’s just too many mutual friends between Chris Brown and Drake (Lil Wayne, Tyga, Teyana Taylor etc), for someone to not stop in and have these two sit down and sort out their issues.
Well apparently they did, not only did they squash the beef, they’ve taken it a step further back by possibly working on some new material together.
The image above has been making a buzz around the internet, no word on if they were working on anything or just happened to be in the same place at the same time, but stay tuned!
A Drake and Chris Brown collaboration? That could be something special.
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Power Season 1, Episode 5: I Gotta Go

On the last episode of Power, Ghost and Angie finally rekindled their relationship with a red-hot love scene. Tommy also meets a new fling, and the young woman seems intrigued by his violent demeanor. As everyone knows, a woman can be a man’s greatest asset or greatest liability, and it seems this recent temptation may cause problems for an entire organization.
Business as Usual

When this episode begins, Ghost and his associates are trying to figure out who killed their worker Annibal. Ruiz denies killing Annibal, but Ghost and Tommy aren’t convinced. They both know they need to move on Ruiz but they disagree on how to do it.
More Confrontation
Tommy prefers the hands on approach, but Ghost wants to hire a team of professionals. It seems that Ghost is content to protect Shawn, from the harsh reality of the streets. Sean is the son of the kingpin who taught Ghost and Tommy the streets. Kanan is portrayed by Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson and he’s currently incarcerated.
Tommy has frequently expresses adoration for their mentor, while Ghost seems to be cautious of the man. Either way, his anxious son is delegated to drive Ghost around town instead of getting his hands dirty.
All Play no Work
While Tommy is meeting with Jamaican assassins, Ghost is role playing with his mistress. Once again, Tommy is handling business while Ghost is handling pleasure. However, Angie seems tense when Ghost touches her. She now realizes she would be the mistress in the relationship, a status that makes her uncomfortable.

Yet in still, she makes love to her long lost lover for the second time in as many days. Meanwhile, Tommy is spending more time with Holly — the waitress from the club. Even though Ghost advised Tommy to leave the club employees alone, Tommy plans to bring Holly to dinner to meet Ghost’s immediate family. The plan is to get Tasha’s opinion of Holly, but it could be a mistake.
Trouble Brewing
This isn’t the first disagreement they’ve had this episode and it’s obvious tension is rising. Ghost confronts Tommy about dating Holly, and for the fourth time in the series — Tommy informs his acquaintance of their equal partner status. There is an epic storm brewing between the two gangsters and the suspense is palpable. Unfortunately, Holly reveals her untrustworthy nature by stealing jewelry from Tasha while her employers talk. As Holly and Tommy leave Ghost’s place, she tells him she saw Ghost cheating on Tasha with Angie. This enrages Tommy and he tells the sultry red head to mind her own business.

Tommy’s anger is caused more by his partner’s carelessness. If he allowed himself to be seen cheating on Tasha, than he’s obviously losing his edge. The Other Woman’s Other Man Angie has to cancel her date with Ghost because her current boyfriend Greg demands some of her time. Greg is also her coworker at the Bureau, but he seems content to be her EX-boyfriend as he leaves her keys in her apartment when he exits. There are already people at work who suspect the two are involved so the split may be for the best.
The Lady in Pink
In the premiere episode of Power, a pink donning young lady attempted to rob one of Ghost’s employee’s. The same young woman killed Annibal and this time she goes after Ruiz. This young woman is proving to be the most provocative character in the series, and she doesn’t even have a name. However, it has been revealed that she receives orders by pager – so she isn’t self-employed. Her boss is obviously a ruthless individual who’s sure to be furious when he or she learns that Ruiz survived the attack.
Another Plot Twist
The turbulent setting of the entire series is demonstrated perfectly on the last scene. Ghost and Angie are laying together after making love. Suddenly Angie gets an urgent phone call from the FBI that Ruiz has been stabbed. At that same moment, Ghost receives a call from Tommy relaying the same message. This is just one of the many plot twists that have viewers of power on the edge of their seats. At any moment, everything could come tumbling down for everyone involved.
The scene is set for a tremendous climax yet it continues to build. Viewers can only imagine what types of sparks will fly when Kanan is finally released from incarceration.
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Remy Ma Interview From Prison, Coming Home In 9 Days

Leave it to Angie Martinez to score an exclusive interview with one of raps lost Queens Remy Ma, who’s currently locked own but counting down the days until she’s once again a free woman. 7 years ago, the rap world took a major blow with the incarceration of rapper Remy Ma. Known originally for being the protégé to the late great Big Pun, the Castle Hill native was soon her career and life with family put on hold following the release of her debut album There’s Something About Remy: Based on a True Story.
Angie Martinez on her 3rd day at Power 105.1 is already making history at her new home, she managed to score a rare prison phone call from Remy who sounded like she was in high spirits. Remy talked about a few things, such as ending her feud with one time boss Fat Joe, being with Papoose, possibly starring in her own reality show, as well as embrace for and from Nicki Minaj.
Can’t believe that much time has gone by already, I remember writing about her going in, can’t believe it’s been a 7 year stretch already.
She says she has bars locked and loaded, we’ll see.

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Power Season 1, Episode 6: Who You With?

On the previous episode of Power, the tensions continue to escalate between Ghost and Tommy. Ghost has warned Tommy not to date the employees from the club, yet Tommy brings a waitress to meet Ghost’s family. There is also trouble brewing in the streets as one of NYC’s most prominent drug dealers was nearly killed by a female assailant. This is the same woman who has tried to rob two of Ghost’s workers, and it’s obvious she’s a part of a bigger plan.
When this episode of Power comes on Kanan (played by Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson) gets a visit from his attorney. The young woman informs Kanan that he might be getting out of jail sooner than everyone expects. If this happens, Kanan could demand control of his turf from Ghost and Tommy. Later Kanan’s young son Shawn comes to visit.

The young man gives his father the word on the streets and Kanan tells Shawn to “take what you want.” Unfortunately the thing Shawn wants is Ghost’s wife Tasha.
Feuding Friends
There is a feud brewing between Tommy and Ghost and Holly the waitress could be the straw to break the camel’s back. Ghost warned Tommy not to date the cub’s employees but Tommy brings the young woman to Ghost’s home where she steals jewelry from Tasha. As if this isn’t enough, she discovers $1.25 million in cash in Tommy’s apartment. The woman is furious that Tommy lied to her and she storms out of his apartment.
Another Day Another Problem
After Ruiz is nearly killed Tommy has to visit the drug lord to prove it wasn’t his operation that had him hit. Tommy realizes his life is in danger, but he has no idea the feds are recording the entire conversation. Unfortunately, the tape is very poor quality, but FBI forensics will attempt to improve the sound. Meanwhile Ghost is with his mistress once again. The man even blows Tommy off instead of listening to the report from his business partner.

On a hunch Tommy swings by a favorite spot of Ghost and Angie. He pretends the encounter is just by chance when he pops up at the couple’s two favorite milkshake spot to go to when they were kids. Tommy plays ignorant to their affair and blatantly mentions Ghost’s wife Tasha. The brief conversation reminds Angie that she’s the mistress, number two in Ghost’s life. She’s obviously very bothered as she and Ghost end their date.
Good Thief Bad Move
As good a thief as Holly is, she doesn’t anticipate things well. She actually wears the stolen ear rings to Tasha’s birthday celebration. When confronted, Holly says Tommy bought the jewelry and Tommy covers for her to get back on her good side. Furious, Tasha accepts the story, though she’s still quite suspicious.
Bonny and Clyde
In the next scene, Tommy and Holly finally sit down and talk. Holly admits to being a kleptomaniac who can’t help but to steal. Tommy has to explain the stash in his home so he admits to being one of NYC’s top drug dealers. This twisted couple is sure to illuminate the screen with their passion but the relationship spells trouble for everyone involved.
Ghost isn’t faring any better with his romance life as he stops by Angie’s place unannounced. After a brief conversation, they end up in bed together again. Unfortunately the realness of the situation hits home when Ghost has t leave Angie’s apartment and go home. Despite the her pleads, Ghost has to leave. He does however, make the promise that all married men eventually make to their mistresses “It won’t always be like this.”In the last scene of this episode, Tasha is in the apartment with her driver Shawn. The young man gives her a pair of ear rings, but Tasha refuses the expensive gifts. Shawn is apparently taking his father’s advice as he tells Tasha he doesn’t like the way Ghost treats her.
The Plot Thickens
Angie is analyzing the tape of Tommy and Ruiz’s meeting after the FBI improved the quality. She still wants to find NYC’s top supplier and she gets a major clue.

She clearly hears Ruiz say the name of his supplier Ghost. Fortunately for James St.Patrick, Angie doesn’t know that he’s Ghost and the illusive supplier from whom she’s looking. However it might not take much effort to find out the man she wants to incarcerate is the same man with whom she just made love. This is the perfect ending to a great episode that has everyone longing for more.
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