How Does This Work?

How Does This Work?

How many tracks do you need mastered?
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Step One: Click the “Add to Cart” button of the Mixing and Mastering you wish to purchase. Next, click “View Cart” to go to the check out page. Select which form of payment you wish to make and continue to payment details. Once payment is confirmed you will receive a confirmation with a link to a form.

Step Two: Fill out form with preliminary details of the project, including name, email, Skype, and phone number. Answer all required questions of the form so that we may establish a better form of communication. Use the form to explain, with some detail, what your looking for. We will then follow up with you and confirm the information.

Step Three: Please allow 5-7 business days for us to get back to you with the completed work. When you receive the completed work, you may send it back with requests for revisions. You may request up to 2 revisions for free. (Further requests for revisions will incur a $25 added charge per request.).

Step Four: Once the final work is approved by you, we will forward a separate email with links to download all of your important files. These files will include .mp3, .wav, and tracked-out stem files of the session. (We are not responsible for storing these files, so please be sure to make extra copies for yourself.)

Note: All payments are made over a secure encrypted network via PayPal or Stripe. No debit, credit, or banking information is stored on our servers. We do not share your email address or billing information with other parties.

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